Master of the Universe!  Compassionate Father!  Please have mercy on us and grant us many sons and daughters with holiness and purity, healthy in body and soul, emotionally and intellectually.  Grant them health and strength, beauty, charm and grace.  Find us worthy to raise them to Torah study and practice, to marry them off, to teach them the proper way of behavior, and allow us to do this pleasantly, peacefully, calmly, and quietly. May it be for a long good life involved in learning Your Torah, observing it, and fearing you. May they find their proper destined spouses, may their spouses be truly fitting for them, and may they find them at the right appropriate time.  Find us worthy to marry them off and to see their children and grandchildren, children from our children and offspring from our offspring, and may they all be holy from conception, blessed by God.  May they all follow God’s path, and may not one single one of our offspring ever veer from that path.  O God, please bless us and all our offspring with an abundance of blessing, of good and long life.  Spare us, all our offspring, and all of Israel, from the pain of child-raising, and may we all merit to raise all our children without any pain or damage to anyone.  May all our offspring be truly God-fearing people, holy and pure of sin.  May they all fulfill Your will and sincerely devote themselves to Your service all the days of their lives.  Heal them of all illness and grant wellness to their entire bodies, and may none of them ever be barren.  May their offspring and the offspring of all Your people Israel be as many as the stars of the heaven and the sand of the sea.  May they all live long lives devoted to Torah study all day long, fulfilling Your will with all sincerity.  May they never veer their entire lives as much as a hairsbreadth from the words of the Torah, and may they all know You, from their simplest to their greatest.  May the words of Solomon, “A wise son will bring joy to a father” be appropriate for them, and may his words, “Your father and mother will rejoice, and the one who gave birth to you will exult” be fulfilled in them.  Grant them long life in pleasantness, and allow them to fulfill Your will all the days of our lives.                  (from Likutei Tefillos)


Have mercy on our children and those  of all the Jewish people (end especially on the children of…)  Give them a good and long life, and let all our children and descendants live many good, long days and years.  Let their shoots spread wide and their branches multiply, and let their offspring be like the herbs of the land.  Spare them from any of the suffering involved in raising children.  Grant that they should raise their children to a life of Torah, marriage and good deeds – their existing children and those still to be born.  Let them all enjoy good, long lives, and leave successors on earth after them.  Let their descendants multiply until they are like the sand of the sea and the stars of the Heavens, generation after generation for ever, until the end of all generations.  Master of the Universe!  See their misery and pain!  You know their hearts.  You know the many troubles they’ve suffered until now.  Master of the entire Universe, Eternal God, have compassion on them.  Let the One who said to His Universe, “Enough!” say “Enough!” to their troubles. Do it in the merit of their forefathers.  Put joy into their hearts, and from now on let their children multiply.  Let them see all their sons and daughters grow to adulthood and have long life.  Let their descendants multiply and flourish generation after generation, and fulfill in them the verse, “And the number of the Children of Israel will be like the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured or counted.  Instead of their being told, ‘You are not My people’ they will be called ‘Children of the Living God.'”        (Likutei Tefillot, 39)


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